For many travelers visiting different parts of the country, the choice of where to spend the night boils down to either motel accommodations or hotel accommodations. While many people may not be aware of their differences, it is important to appreciate their key benefits. Below are some of the things you can expect when you opt for a motel accommodation.

Where will you find them?

You will mostly find these establishments located along busy roads and highways, or in smaller towns that have fewer hotels. Even though they have received their fair share of negative flak over the years, motels remain an indispensable component of the hospitality industry and a major revenue source for smaller towns.

Easily Accessible

Most motels generally have an open plan layout, which makes the rooms easily accessible. In most cases, you can just pull up and park your vehicle in front of your motel room. This makes it a lot easier for you to offload and ferry your luggage to your room.

Note that motels often have two floors, including a shared balcony. While you might have to climb the stairs to reach your room, the distance is very short. Furthermore, there is almost always a swimming pool you can use on the motel premises.

The setup of motels is done in such a way that a single window provides ventilation while the main door allows you to link with other rooms, but it leads directly to the outside.

Comfortable and Affordable

Grande Prairie motels are generally affordable in nature. However, the lower pricing means you should not expect to find all the amenities commonly found in the larger hotels. These include things such as a mini fridge, expensive shampoos, luxurious robes, or slippers, which might not be available in most motel establishments.

Motels only provide the bare essentials and are suited for the passing travelers looking for a warm meal and a place to stay for a short duration of time.

More Personalized Service

Most motels have few rooms compared to hotels that could have as many as 200 rooms. The fact that there are fewer rooms in typical motel accommodations essentially means that you enjoy better privacy and a more intimate environment. Due to the small size of most Grande Prairie motels, guests get more attentive, personalized service. This ensures that your stay at your chosen motel is enjoyable and memorable.

Convenient, Casual, and Fun

Grande Prairie motels are diversified, thus making them appealing to the evolving and growing demands of different guests.

  1. When you consider your options of motel accommodations, you get the feel that you would typically see in movies at a fraction of the cost of staying at a fully-fledged hotel.
  2. Some motel rooms have themes such as an Elvis Presley theme and lots more for a touch of fun.

3.  When searching for the ideal motel accommodations, it is advisable that you book in advance, due to their convenient locations. Most people also love them because of their casual ambiance.

Motel accommodations provide guests with an extremely affordable, convenient, and casual way to discover interesting options for available accommodations. When travelling, you can find many suitable Grande Prairie motels that match your accommodation needs.

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