When it comes to your kitchen, you probably use at least one of the appliances in there on a regular basis. So when one or a few of them stop working, it can be kind of tough to work around them. We’re going into what to do when one of your kitchen appliances breaks down. From Calgary dishwashers to toasters and ovens, read on to find out more.

What to Do When A Kitchen Appliance Breaks Down


When it comes to an appliance randomly breaking, a dishwasher is one of the worst. Calgary dishwashers can be tough to replace and while you may have a sink, you may not be used to relying on it alone or may have an issue with it that prevents you from washing dishes manually right now.

When your dishwasher breaks, you need to call a professional to come fix it because it’s just going to mean that you have to do a huge amount of dishes – especially if there are four or more people living in the home, as dishes can quickly stack up. Better get the sponge and dish soap out to do a few while you’re waiting for them to arrive for your appointment, though – no point in falling behind.


If your toaster breaks and it’s a cheap toaster, you can either look at the warranty, call the manufacturer, try to get a replacement at the store, or just adapt to life without a toaster. You can always use it as a chance to buy a toaster oven or you can toast pieces of bread in your actual oven – although this is not a good strategy long term if you are a big lover of toast. It’s probably not worth getting it repaired, although if you know somewhere nearby that does it for an extremely low price you can always try if it’s worth it to you.


If it can be fixed then you should get it fixed. However, if your fridge is fairly old, it was probably it’s time to go. Maybe it’s a good time to shop for a replacement as you can find several affordable models in the store or even second hand.


The oven is a crucial part of any kitchen where people prepare meals on a regular basis. You have got to book an appointment to either get it looked at or to buy a new one ASAP, or you are going to be looking at a lot of ordering in. A repairman will be able to tell you whether they can fix it or whether it’s just done and it’s going to be requiring removal and replacement. This is one of the most important kitchen appliances so jump on figuring out what’s wrong with it and just problem solve your way to a solution (which might end up with you buying a new one).


Microwaves really aren’t worth the money to repair them so it’s your best bet to buy a new one, or you could avoid buying a replacement entirely, as microwaved foods are not the best for you health-wise and it’s better to just prepare foods in a healthy manner if you can. Maybe you can watch how to make some new recipes and try out your oven or stove top more!

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