Are you someone that travels a lot? Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, whether you’re on the road driving a lot or you’re on your way somewhere, perhaps on your way to a family reunion, a wedding, or a funeral, sometimes you need a place to stay.

Naturally this is where Dawson Creek motels and Grande Prairie motels come in, as they are great places to find rest when you are on the road or just tired and you’re not somewhere where you would be staying at home. Want to have some life hacks so that you’re prepared while staying at a motel while on the road?

Read on to find out more about how you can make your stay as convenient and easy for yourself as possible. Work smarter and not harder, right? Scroll down and check out this ace list of things we’ve compiled.

Our Top Life Hacks for Staying at a Motel While on the Road

Ready to see our top tips for staying at Dawson Creek motels and more? They’re all waiting for you just down below. Make travel a breeze and take in these tips!

– Bring a phone charger with you.

At some point, you’re going to want a phone charger on you to charge up your phone. Especially if you are traveling on the road overnight (or let’s face it, just use your phone as much as the average person does), you need to be able to charge your phone! It’s important for both fun and safety’s sake. You also won’t have to buy one on the road, which can be annoying and sap your travel funds!

– Stock up on beverages.

The weird thing about travel or staying somewhere is that it can make you thirsty! Getting somewhere can involve a lot of energy and focus and all of a sudden, you’re super thirsty or just want some comfort beverage to feel refreshed. A lemonade, or a sparkling water. Something!

Either bring beverages with you or go to a convenience store or grocery store near the Grande Prairie motels or places you will be staying at. You can bring a few or if you know that there is a mini-fridge waiting for you, you can take advantage of that.

– Pack your pajamas.

It helps you get to sleep to be in clothing that’s made for sleep that you usually wear! Never underestimate the power of a good flannel while on the road.

 – Bring comfortable clothing too.

Lounge wear is a must if you want to be sitting pretty, lounging or being comfortable while in your motel room or driving. You’ve got to let all of that blood circulate!

– Make a list of what you brought with you and consult it.

It’ll help you remember everything that you need to take back with you so that you never leave anything behind.

– Bring snacks with you.

The power of having a snack on you and getting your blood sugar back to normal can’t be denied! Always have at least a few snacks with you while traveling and staying at motels. This is key!

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